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Do you long for more peace? More patience? More compassion?... Do you long for a heart like Christ's?

As 2019 dawned, I felt myself wishing I had more of these things. As I drafted my New Years resolutions, they were filled with promises like, "This year, I'll get off my phone more" or "I'll gripe less at my kids."

So often we reach for the bandaid of behavior modification when what is really needed is open heart surgery. 

But perhaps like me, you want to fight against this culture of quick fixes and cultivate something real, something deep. Perhaps you want to get to the root of your anxiety or anger and replace it with Christ's peace and joy.

In 2019, I began a journey to pursue a heart like His; believing His promise that when I seek Him with all my heart, I will find Him. Will you join me? 

Each month this year, I will be sending out a seven-day devotional study highlighting a different attribute of a faithful heart.  We'll learn about humility, joy, peace, faith, hope, love, wonder, community and more! It is my deepest prayer that, as we set our hearts on Christ, He will show us how to cultivate a faithful heart amid this frenzied world.

Are You With Me?

Let's do this together! Fill out the form below and I'll send you the current Faithful Hearts study right now. Then, each month, I will send you the newest installment of the series. I can't wait to see you there!

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